YOGA AYURVEDA & MANTRAS with yogi Alexander

This programme is a special spiritual retreat guided by Yogi Alexander, dedicated to inner transformation, recharging our energy, rejuvenating our entire system and rediscovering ourselves by following the most efficient natural and authentic practices.

During the 3 days, Yogi Alexander is guiding us in experiencing the deep feeling of peace and joy which is inside us at each moment of life.

The transformation happens through the practice of Yoga, meditation and mantra chanting. A living organic food will be also there to prepare our body and spirit to feel the joy of living.

The teachings in Ayurveda are giving us precious and simple keys to improve our daily lives.

An individual session with Yogi Alexander, providing personalized holistic advice and healing, Please do book it in advance.

To participate in this retreat, please contact the organisation team at

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