Activities around the evolution of consciousness: conferences, retreats, visits of energetic and/or esoteric places , among other things.

EMF Balancing Technique

Information on the electro-magnetic field. This enables you to optimize your quality of life by broadening your sphere of awareness.


A blog where we’ll share inspirations and other updated content.


About LAMP

LAMP is in reference to our internal lamp,
a lamp at the heart of each and every one of us…
And an invitation to this internal lamp to light up
and ILLUMINATE the path that is your own.
Let’s play a game for a few instants:
We could attribute a significance to each of its 4 letters
according to the perception or the imagination of each of us.
Someone defined L.A.M.P. as « Love Accelerating Mental Patterns »…
And another person, thinking it was about a vegetarian recipe,
gave to L.A.M.P. the following meaning:
« Lettuce, Artichoke, Mango, Pineapple. »
These 4 letters are my initials,
so feel free to interpret L.A.M.P. according to your own perception…
The result obtained might inform you more about yourself than about LAMP.

About CO, or rather,
about the COs.

« and co » is in reference to those who accompany LAMP… : all those who propose activities, all those who participate, all those who contributed to the materialization of this space & all those who resonate with this frequency.

About LAMPandCO

LAMPandCO is a « HUB » having the intention of COntributing to the evolution of Consciousness in this planet.
LAMP lives mainly in France… but throughout its diverse activities to which we invite you to participate a bit everywhere in the world, we have the intention to link up with other HUBS with the goal of being more numerous to live our lives in an AWARE way on this planet.
We are aware that our planet is a living being…
Earth is made up of 80% water as is the human being.
We are aware of the importance of energy and the influence that it exerts on us.
The planet has its electro-magnetic field as has the human being.
We are aware of the natural and virtuous frequency of our planet… on condition to be able to perceive it.
We are aware that we are solely responsible for our actions, our emotions, our thoughts and our words. And that actively participates -and in a reciprocal way- to the reality that surrounds us, a reality that we certainly co-create… on condition that we place ourselves as responsible human beings.
We are aware that we must act and live in coherence… and that coherence is a daily work that is not always accompanied by comfort, but is often rewarded.
Throughout this site I would also like to invite you to meet us, and this by the means of activities that are published here.
To participate in these activities, you will be invited to move
– to move Physically : in different places in France, but also abroad.
– and to move interiorly : by practicing an evolving change in attitude to surf and integrate the experiences which we are confronted with.
Grant yourself the liberty, if your heart desires, to become Co-creator of this site and the activities proposed within. In this space we embrace the idea that we are all masters as much as pupils.

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