EMF Balancing Technique


Significant facts leading to the EMF Balancing Technique.

At the beginning of the 1920’s, at different places on the planet and simultaneously, scientists of the period suggest that the entirety of laws which determine the shape, the structure of the tissues and organs of living organisms – the morphogenesis -, is organized by morphogenetic fields… For the first time we emit the hypothesis that a field would act like a « program » to organize the human being’s functioning.

With this impetus of new ideas emerging at the same time a little bit everywhere in the world, other scientists continue their research in parallel which leads to a new conception of the Universe.

« Karl Pribram thinks that what we call reality is solely a holographic projection of a fundamental universe, the area of frequency in which space and time have collapsed and where only waves exist which he situates in another dimension. »
(réf : « La Médecine Superlumineuse », par Pr Régis Dutheil & Brigitte Dutheil)

Another fact, Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, a French physicist, proves in 1998 the existence of the energetic body by using mathematical formulas.
This has enabled us to go beyond the stage of belief relative to energy fields to allow us hence to deepen this question by leaning on scientific bases.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro, around the year 2000, and after 20 years of research, inspiration and a lot of work, develops in the United States a practice based on the electro magnetic fields : l’EMF (for Electro Magnetic Field) Balancing Technique. It is Peggy who first tells us about the Universal Calibration Lattice, a prolongation of our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us in the development of our capacities to express everything we are.

In the same way that our physical body is made up of limbs such as arms and legs… our energetic body is made up of chakras. These chakras each have a particular and very precise role in the functioning of our energetic body, which is why it is so important that they are harmonious, balanced, and functioning properly.

The work entitled « Elegant Empowerment: Evolution of Consciousness» written by Peggy Phoenix Dubro and the scientist David Lapierre describes in detail the scientific bases that support this work. We learn many things through a rational and scientific approach as well as a few more personal stories by Peggy.

The EMF Balancing Technique is structured in 12 sessions. Each session acting on a specific part of our electro magnetic field.
From the very first session one can feel that « something connects itself »… Then after the 4 first sessions, the functioning of your electro magnetic field becomes optimized. You actively participate in the co-creation of your world by emitting your-own-frequency. The frequency that has been edited will return to you on behalf of the Universe in the form of experiences … more or less challenging or satisfying experiences.

Once these 4 first sessions are realized , one can go on to the next step :
In phases V to VIII we activate, balance and/or reinforce the virtuous energies in you, and this by working directly on your meridians as would be done in acupuncture (in EMF one doesn’t use needles).

« To attain self mastery, of one’s capacities, of one’s experience, is to maintain the full energetic charge of one’s being, it is being in a forever peaceful self-expression, a joyful heart, a total absence of judgment of others… it is living with more patience, in a good mood, in humility, and so many other virtues.
The practice of this mastery is made up of the acquiring of wisdom, of “discernment”, of the knowledge of when to give and when to receive. »

The third and last cycle of the EMF sessions is made up of phases IX to XII. At this stage it is possible that your perceptions as well as your understanding of the world, of your world, will have evolved. You will understand the existing relationship between you and other living beings, between you and objects, between you and your beliefs…
You will give birth to a new level… to attain that of the evolutionary potential.

“This work reinforces anyone who wants to continue to develop themselves, from the beginner to the path of the wise, who knows that the journey is eternal and that growth is unlimited.”

You can practice the EMF Balancing Technique everywhere in the world, this work is present in over 70 countries on every continent. Considered as a discipline in energetic psychology, in certain countries the sessions are reimbursed by social security. This is not the case in France yet.

You can consult the official page of the EMF Balancing Technique to contact
– EMF practitioners, if you would like to attend the sessions.
– or EMF teachers, if you would like to attend courses and/or become a practitioner.

On www.LAMPandCO intensive courses are equally proposed, as well as individual sessions.
The practitioners proposed here have followed adequate training courses and have diplomas in EMF Balancing Technique, with certificates from Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Stephen Dubro, their initiators.